Symposium: My Actual Proving Ground

Held in Delhi, this "The Mountain and the Cloud", inspired lots of people including me. Usually, while transforming a useless big stone to something meaningful, we have to shape in right way with right tools.

The Mountain and the Cloud, Delhi Symposium

The Mountain and the Cloud, Delhi Symposium

BUT, the most important thing is that we are actually shaping our life, until it starts to make sense and make our life meaningful. Best way to prove ourselves (Sculptors, Artist or other such like this related fields people) is via "Symposiums". Here is a quick Synopsis for what it is trying to express...


The Mountain and The Cloud

Different people have different aspirations, objectives or say, motives in their lives which could not be defined as a whole. However, it is definitely possible to understand or at least try, for what they are trying to express through their representational aspects or abstract forms. Among which, I, a Sculptor, disclose my feelings with stone sculptures.
Consequently, being born and spent my delightful childhood within the laps of the mountains, hills and nature itself, these very scenic beauties became my inspiration for being who I am now. Eventually, those pleasant moments once again triggered my artistic being to be exposed in the form of stones.
During my recent symposium held in New Delhi, I was attempting to craft something which could symbolize the union of two extremities leading me to create “The Mountain and The Cloud”
The Mountain and the Cloud, Delhi Symposium

Structurally, I managed to give a four - point touch to bond these two contrasting natures (Upper – The Cloud and Lower – The Mountain) made up of black marble comprising the size of 80 x 25 x 81 (in inches). And the very textures, I had carved to it, clearly illustrate how both of them are interconnected. 
‘Mountain’ is solid and represents firmness unlike light, soft and fragile ‘Cloud’, is all about the assemblage of two magnificent natures, a complete inverse to each other, yet trying to resemble how their existence fails, if either of the one cease to exist. 
-          Deepak Rasaily

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